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Welcome to Ilim College’s Kiewa Islamic secondary boys’ school, an institution where innovative academic standards intertwine with profound Islamic principles. For years, we’ve stayed committed to nurturing young minds. Our goal is to develop them into competent and pious adults who contribute positively to the Muslim community and the rest of the world.

We happily welcome your child into our community, embracing the opportunity to embark on a life-changing expedition of academic and personal growth together. Our devoted efforts aim to cultivate a brighter future for young men.

For any inquiries, please feel free to approach us.

Curriculum overview

At Ilim College, we prioritise holistic training in our Islamic boys’ school, tailoring an innovative curriculum that resonates with modern world demands. Located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, our Islamic secondary school focuses on multifaceted education.

Our dedicated teaching staff meticulously develop lessons to educate students across various dimensions, ensuring they evolve into their best selves, fully equipped to navigate the complexities of contemporary society.

The secondary-level curriculum at our Islamic Kiewa secondary boys school covers the following:

Core Subjects

  • English: Strengthen fundamental skills in reading, writing, and verbal communication.
  • Mathematics: Enhance mathematical proficiency and problem-solving skills with key arithmetic concepts.
  • Science: Engage in experiments to grasp essential scientific principles.
  • Social Studies: Investigate the intersection of Australian history and Islamic values.

Islamic Studies

  • Quranic Studies: Memorise important Quran verses and their meanings.
  • Islamic History and Culture: Study Islam’s traditions and history, including prophets’ lives.
  • Islamic Ethics: Develop strong moral values and behaviour based on Islamic teachings.

Additional Subjects

  • Physical Education: Engage in sports and activities that boost fitness and health.
  • Arts: Foster creativity through visual arts and drama for expressive skills.
  • Technology: Equip with essential digital skills for effective technology usage.
  • Leadership Training: Build leadership qualities such as decision-making and public speaking.
  • Community Outreach: Promote community involvement and social responsibility.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: Participate in diverse activities that resonate with Islamic values, enhancing overall education.

Ilim College is renowned as a leading Islamic boys’ school in Melbourne, committed to fostering comprehensive development beyond academic achievement. We aim to nurture each student holistically, promoting intellectual growth and cultivating independent, capable individuals. Our unique approach to Islamic education for boys prioritises diversifying skills and knowledge, ensuring they’ll grow as well-rounded adults ready for the challenges of the real world.

Why Choose Islamic Education in Kiewa

Kiewa provides a tranquil setting ideal for an Islamic educational institution dedicated to nurturing young boys.

As a distinguished Islamic secondary school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Ilim College always places Islamic principles at the core of our academic endeavours. Here, students are cultivated to embody righteousness and piety, continuously nurtured under the guidance of teachers and staff alongside their academic learning.


At Ilim College, we understand the importance of a well-rounded education. Our teaching staff is committed to fostering a learning environment where students can explore their cultural, Islamic and Australian roots. We’re proud of the environment we’ve created and the trust you’ve placed in us by enrolling your children here.

We have made our enrollment process as easy as possible. If you have inquiries, do not be afraid to approach us at any time.

Ilim College offers a quality education at various campuses close to you. We have several campuses located conveniently in your suburb. Visit us at the following:

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