Life at Ilim College

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Ilim College offers its students a friendly, family-style community where everyone is known, and cared for by a team of academic, pastoral and admin staff. Our school offers a holistic academic approach, where our students are engaged in a range of intellectual, ethical, religious and social ways.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Developed over 25 years, our academic program is the ideal curriculum. Experienced educators use a range of effective teaching methods to maintain consistent, successful results, in past and emerging students.

Primary school

In the first years of schooling, Ilim students are taught the foundation of comprehension, social skills and Islamic guidelines. The potential of students is observed and all areas needing improvement are addressed. A comprehensive curriculum of several domains allows for the students to excel in a range of areas and form the confidence and discipline essential for academic success.

Secondary school

Moving forward in their journeys, students at Ilim’s Secondary Campuses develop and improve the strong academic and social foundations set. A focus on creative and critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and independence prepares students for life beyond Ilim College. Presented with successful VCE, Careers, and Personal Development programs, senior students are inspired to lead their professional and personal lives with lessons learned from the guidance of the Ilim Community.

So much more than an education

Student wellbeing

Our student services team offers nursing, psychology, speech pathology and education support professionals led by the department head. All work together to ensure students achieve their full academic and social potential and, importantly, believe in themselves.We also offer a multitude of programs that address academic and social challenges, mental health and wellbeing. We are there to provide crucial support for issues your child may face. This includes class-based and one-on-one support, or resources to improve your child’s study habits.


Designed to enhance academic and social opportunities for our students, extracurricular programs and activities offer rewarding experiences.There is learning assistance, inter-school sports, first aid training and Qur’an tutoring. These new experiences complement and improve the education of your child.


Since 2002, hundreds of students have graduated from Ilim College. Every student who graduates from Ilim College automatically becomes a member of the Ilim College Alumni Association. The ICAA host reunions so that Alumni members keep in close contact with their friends from school.
* How did you hear about this?
* Are you interested in upcoming reunions?
* How did you hear about this?
* Are you interested in upcoming reunions?

Alumni events

Remaining connected through our alumni program can offer former students opportunities, business networking, career connections and relationships across a whole range of interests. The Ilim College Alumni Association is created not only to stay in touch with other llim graduates, but to also provide a sense of belonging to our community. Sign up to stay connected.

Join the team

We seek dedicated, passionate, motivated and inspirational individuals to join the Ilim College family and contribute towards our aim of motivating children to become well-rounded adults.

It is a condition of employment that staff comply with all the policies and practices of the College and that conduct is consistent with the ethos of the College. Ilim College is committed to the safety and well-being of all children and young people and has zero tolerance towards child abuse.

Job openings

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