Our faith binds.
Our community unites us.

Islamic concepts and values position itself at the heart of the educational experience at Ilim College. We believe a successful Islamic experience can only emerge when there is an emphasis on the student’s holistic development encompassing their physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth. The product of this shared approach is a faith-centered virtuous life.

Quran: The Core of Our Islamic Education

Our holistic approach to Islamic education begins with the Quran. Students commence their lifelong journey with the Quran from the moment they become part of our diverse family in Prep and build a firm relationship with it throughout their whole academic journey at the College. Our approach empowers students who excel in Quran and provides them with pathways to strengthen their commitment to it through our various programs, scholarships, and initiatives. As an Islamic education institute, our curriculum is designed to guide students through Quranic recitation, tajwid, memorisation and most importantly, application of Quranic teachings.

“Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’ān, and indeed, We will be its guardian” (Qur’an 15:9).

Our college plays its part in the preservation of and protection of our Holy Quran, by educating and preparing our own Australian guardians of the Quran.

Islamic studies: Moulding the Ideal Muslim Education Experience

Islam is at the centre of our approach to education. The ability of our students to engage and interact with subjects such as Science, English, and Physical education as a conscious Muslim highlight this renewed and authentic mode of Islamic education. This will only complement the constantly improving Islamic studies and Qur’an subjects that constitute the core foundation of our school’s mission to nurture the ideal Muslim education experience.

At Primary level, students are introduced to the foundational teachings of Islam through an overview of the articles of faith and worship and Prophetic biography. Students also begin their lifelong journey with the Holy Quran. During their Secondary experience, students are further exposed to the finer details of faith, worship, and Holy Quran, glance at the history of Islam, and engage with contemporary issues relevant to Muslims living in the modern world.

Pastoral care

Pastoral care provides a safe space for our students to explore questions and topics pertaining to their personal journey and  religious identity. The weekly meets enable staff and students to come together and foster a non-judgemental platform for healthy discussion.

HIFZ program

The Hifz program is an accelerated Qur’an program supporting students who are interested and committed to memorising the Holy Qur’an in less than three years. The program is available at all campuses and intake for the classes starts from Grade 1. It is for students who excel in Qur’an and Islamic studies, as well as achieving consistently successful results across all subjects.

A Hafiz, a person who has memorised the entirety of the Holy Qur’an, is a guardian of the Holy Book. A means by which Allah (SWT) guards the Qur’an from being altered, the Hafiz have the heavy burden and responsibility of preserving the Qur’an and passing it on to the next generation unaltered.

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