Governing Council

Leadership & Governance

Ilim College’s Governing Council

At Ilim College, our Governing Council consists of skilled, dedicated members who generously offer their time and expertise on a voluntary basis, along with the CEO, CFO and COO, who serves in an ex-officio capacity. The Council includes a diverse group of individuals: alumni of Ilim College, current and former parents, esteemed educators, seasoned corporate leaders, and a representative from the Islamic community.

Key Committees

Several essential committees operate under the Governing Council, including the Nomination committee, Risk and Audit committee, Business and finance committee and the Education committee.

The Nomination committee is responsible for recommending suitable candidates for new council appointments and aims to ensure the Council’s composition reflects a wide range of expertise and perspectives, enriching our governance and decision making processes.

Board Members Profiles

Ramazan Otkun – Board President
Ramazan, the Board President of Ilim College, is a former Teacher and his experiences span across various educational and community roles. He worked as an Imam at Woolongong Mosque in New South Wales and previously held the title of Director of Faith at Ilim College. Currently, he oversees the operations as the President of Islamic Community Milli Gorus Australia (ICMG). Ramazan is also a parent within the school community.

Abdurrahman Turker – Board Secretary
Abdurrahman Turker, a 2007 alumnus of Ilim College, holds dual degrees in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, as well as Business Management. With over a decade of experience as a design manager and structural engineer, he has delivered city-defining infrastructure projects nationwide. Serving as the Board Secretary, Abdurrahman is committed to utilising his expertise to contribute to the advancement of effective school board governance.

Bayram Aktepe
Bayram, a founding member of Ilim College’s board from 1995, brings a rich background of experience in international strategic management, having worked across sectors like aerospace, banking, and mega-sports events. He rejoined the board with a vision to invigorate the student learning experience. Equipped with a Master of Finance and a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace with Honours), he held esteemed roles including Strategy Expert for Qatar National Vision and Senior Advisor to the Qatar Olympic Committee. With a forward- thinking approach, Bayram aims to fortify Ilim College’s governance and inspire the next generation.

Gulhan Atlihan
Gülhan Atlihan achieved her Bachelor of Business degree specialising in Business Information Systems, at RMIT University. This academic accomplishment served as her entry point into the technology sector, where she currently holds a crucial role as the Customer Support Manager for the APAC region, offering technical support within a renowned global software company. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Gülhan has a longstanding record of active engagement with various community and educational institutions. She has previously served as a board member at Ilim College and assumed the role of President at the Islamic Community Milli Gorus Brunswick Women’s Committee.

Osman Duzgun 
Osman is a seasoned telecommunications professional with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years. His experiences has led him to hold pivotal roles at Optus, including as Lead for CS&S Strategy Initiatives and Senior Product Manager. He furthered his international experience as the Head of Group Devices & Partnerships at VEON, Amsterdam. Osman also made significant contributions as a Senior Manager at PWC Australia. He bolsters his industry knowledge with an Executive MBA.

Ahmet Taslak
Ahmet, who joined the Ilim College board in March 2023, comes with a strong academic foundation with a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance and a Master of Business in Finance from the University of Technology, Sydney. His extensive corporate experience spans roles at Macquarie Bank and Staples. Notably, Ahmet was the foundational Business Manager for Irfan College, instrumental in its early growth. He is currently the Managing Director at Ilim Learning Sanctuary. Outside his professional commitments, Ahmet is passionate about community involvement, coaching youth football.

Serkan Tek 
Serkan proudly joined the Ilim College Board in 2023. Holding a degree in Network Engineering from RMIT University, Serkan has accrued vast expertise in Systems Engineering, Network Engineering and Cyber Security. Currently, he manages the Infrastructure and Information Security teams for a multinational firm. An alumnus of an Islamic college and parent to four children, three currently studying at Ilim College , Serkan is passionate about blending top-tier education with Islamic values. He envisions Ilim College rising as a leading educational beacon in Melbourne.

Selahattin Toprak 
Selahattin previously held roles in construction management and cleaning property management, and now runs his own business. He holds a Bachelor of Education, and as a long-serving community manager, Selahattin has maintained a steady connection with Ilim College over the years. Selahattin brings more than a decade of experience in construction management to the Board, and is passionate about the development of better facilities for our campuses.

Celal Varsan
Celal has been an integral figure in the history and development of Ilim College. Before retiring, he dedicated his professional life to education as a teacher. He not only took on the esteemed role of Board Chairman of Ilim College for a decade but also served as the President of ICMG Australia for 12 years, playing a pivotal role in the growth of the community. His involvement in the school’s early development and the broader community showcases his unwavering commitment. As a former president and a parent, his ties to Ilim College run deep, reflecting a lasting dedication to the institution.

Sami Unal Yalavac
Sami boasts a strong background in computer engineering from Istanbul Technical University. Further enriching his credentials, he pursued a Post Grad in Quality Management at Marmara University and secured an MBA from Deakin University. He previously served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Bupa Australia.Sami’s expertise in IT and quality management is a significant asset to Ilim College. His bond with the school is further strengthened as a devoted parent.

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