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Welcome to Ilim College, a distinguished Islamic secondary girls’ school in Melbourne. We are excited to begin this formative educational experience with you, fostering an environment where young ladies flourish into accomplished and proud Muslim women of our contemporary society.

Over the years, our dedicated focus has cultivated a comprehensive academic institution. Moving forward, we continuously hone each student’s talents and skills in a nurturing environment imbued with Islamic values.

Our commitment shines through our investment in each child’s educational journey, firmly believing that our dedication paves the way for unlocking the boundless potential of each student. If you have questions about our curriculum and other services, do not hesitate to ask us.

Curriculum overview

Ilim College has a rich legacy of academic distinction and holistic growth. As a beacon among Islamic girls’ high schools, we present a curriculum that meets and strives to exceed national educational standards. We continuously foster an environment where young ladies blossom into accomplished, proud, and successful Muslim women.

The secondary-level curriculum at our all Girl’s islamic school in Dallas covers the following:

Core Subjects

  • English: Focus on advancing essential reading, writing, and speaking skills.
  • Mathematics: Improving numeracy and problem-solving skills.
  • Science: Engage with key scientific concepts through practical experiments and discussions.
  • Social Studies: Explore the connection between Australian history and Islamic values.

Islamic Studies

  • Quranic Studies: Study and internalise selected Quran verses, focusing on a comprehensive understanding of their meanings.
  • Islamic History and Culture: Explore Islamic traditions and history, focusing on the lives of the prophets and significant historical events.
  • Islamic Ethics: Foster moral values and righteous conduct in students in alignment with Islamic teachings and principles.

Additional Subjects

  • Physical Education: Foster fitness and well-being through diverse and dynamic activities.
  • Arts: Cultivate artistic expression and creativity through visual arts and drama.
  • Technology: Equip students with essential digital skills for confident technology navigation.
  • Leadership Training: Develop vital leadership skills such as public speaking and teamwork.
  • Community Outreach: Promote community engagement to foster social responsibility.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: Provide a range of activities that uphold Islamic values, enhancing the educational experience.

Ilim College carved a name as an esteemed Islamic girls’ high school by prioritising holistic development beyond academic excellence. We are dedicated to nurturing each student, ensuring they flourish not only intellectually but also as capable, independent-minded women. Our approach to Islamic education for girls in Melbourne focuses on cultivating diverse skills and knowledge to nurture well-rounded individuals.

Why Choose Islamic Education at our Dallas Campus

Our Islamic girls’ high school stands in a multicultural suburb, creating a diverse education environment for encouraging academic learning, Islamic ideals and preserving Muslim heritage in the school. This location provides students with rich opportunities to explore the diverse facets of Muslim culture within a peaceful setting.

The Dallas campus boasts extensive public transport options, facilitating easy and convenient travel for both students and parents, ensuring that the journey to quality Islamic education for girls in Melbourne is always seamless and accessible.

Rest assured, the safety and well-being of your children are our utmost priority at Ilim College. We provide a secure learning environment, allowing you peace of mind while your daughters excel academically and spiritually.


In a respected Islamic secondary girls’ school in Dallas, like Ilim College, we cherish your daughters as our own. They will thrive through a holistic learning experience, carefully guided by Islamic tenets, supporting their journey at every stage.

Our Islamic all-girls school always has a place for your child. Get in touch with our team today, who can help guide you through our straightforward enrolment process.

Find the exceptional quality of Ilim College in a location near you. We have multiple campuses conveniently spread across various suburbs:

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