Islamic Primary School in Melbourne

Welcome to Ilim College, Melbourne’s renowned centre for Islamic primary school education. Our core focus as an institution is cultivating Islamic values and maintaining high educational standards, preparing students to excel in today’s dynamic world. We are committed to nurturing our students’ Islamic faith while deepening their connection within their community.

If you have any inquiries about our curriculum or our approach to education, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to address your questions and provide any information you need to make this important decision.

Curriculum Overview

At Ilim College, we aim to mould individuals prepared to meet the challenges of today’s world. To achieve this, we offer a distinctive curriculum that balances academic excellence with personal development under the guidance of Quranic teachings.

Outlined below is an overview of the primary-level curriculum offered at our Muslim primary school in Melbourne:

Core Subjects

  • English: Strengthening literacy with a focus on reading, writing and oral communication.
  • Mathematics: Building numeracy and problem-solving skills, along with basic arithmetic.
  • Science: Introducing key scientific principles through hands-on experiments.
  • Social Studies: Delving into Australian history and its global role, enriched with insights into Islamic history and values.

Islamic Studies

  • Quranic Studies: Focused recitation, memorisation and understanding of Quranic verses.
  • Islamic History and Culture: Learning about the lives of prophets and key Islamic traditions.
  • Islamic Ethics: Teaching Islamic manners, values and morals.

Additional Subjects

  • Physical Education: Enhancing physical development through sports and activities.
  • Arts: Cultivating creativity via visual arts and drama.
  • Technology: Building foundational computer literacy and coding skills.
  • Leadership Training: Developing public speaking, teamwork and decision-making skills.
  • Community Outreach: Promoting community engagement and social responsibility.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: Offering a range of clubs and activities for varied interests.

We consistently refresh our teaching techniques to stay ahead of educational trends, fostering a holistic learning environment. We aim to effectively prepare our students to face and adapt to the evolving challenges around them.

Why Choose Ilim College

Enrolling at Ilim College opens doors to a warm and welcoming community where a dedicated team knows and supports every student. Developed over 25 years, our curriculum, crafted by experienced educators, consistently yields successful outcomes.

From prep to primary school, Ilim students build strong foundations in education, social skills and Islamic values, fostering confidence and discipline that are essential for academic success. At the secondary level, students are well-prepared for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), with comprehensive well-being services and diverse co-curricular activities enriching their experience.

This unique blend of community support, academic excellence and holistic development makes Ilim College not just a school but a launching pad for success in all areas of life.

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