Terms and Conditions




  • School fees are set by the School Board annually with any changes being notified to the Parents/Guardians in advance.
  • Information on the level of school fees (amount, per student, per year or part year) can be obtained from the General Office and School Website.


  • The invoice for full year’s school fees are issued in Term 1.
  • Fee Statements are issued quarterly to reflect the balance of fees outstanding.
  • Failure to receive a Fee Statement shall not absolve parents from any fee payable.
  • Other charges, e.g. excursions, bus fees are separately listed on the fee statement.


  • A 5% discount on the net school fees will apply for all parents holding a valid Health Care Card or Pension Card.
  • Full year payments are due and payable by the end of Term 1. If full year payments are made before the end of Term 1, net school fees will attract a 15% discount.
  • Payments via instalment and deferred payment arrangements must be made within the first 4 weeks of Term 1. A 7.5% discount will be applied on the net school fee amount if an approved direct debit option is signed by the parent within 4 weeks of Term 1.

Note: No discounts to school fees will be applied to any payment(s) made outside the above stated time frames.

  • If the above steps are not undertaken in writing, the school reserves the right to call Parents/Guardians in for a meeting, to make arrangements for deferred payments on all accounts and amounts that are outstanding. The arrangement must be made with the School’s Accounts Department. The School reserves the right to take all necessary steps in collecting outstanding fees including termination and/or legal debt recovery action. All costs associated with collecting outstanding school fees not paid will be charged to the school fees and payable by the parent.
  • It is preferred School Policy that all payments made by Parents/Guardians are made via Direct Deposit, BPay or Post Billpay.
  • All payments made by Parents/Guardians must include the student’s school identification number as a reference.
  • The School expressly assumes no liability for errors made by Parents/Guardians in keying, entering or using any information, including BSB numbers or Account Numbers, nor any omission, error or act, including fraud, performed or provided by any third parties involved in transmission of funds by Parents/Guardians to the School. 
  • Payment arrangements and alternative payment arrangements are entirely at the discretion of the Board.


  • The Accounts Department will consider requests from Parents/Guardians who cannot meet the due date. These requests will be treated on a case by case basis. However, the School Board expects all payment arrangements to be made prior to the end of Term 1.
  • The decision on whether or not to allow alternative payment arrangements to be made will be notified to the Parents/Guardians.
  • Any approved alternative payment arrangements that are not strictly adhered to will be cancelled immediately upon default of a payment and all outstanding amounts will immediately become due and payable. Recovery recover action on the outstanding debt will commence.


  • Any outstanding school fees applicable to the family must be finalised or an approved payment plan arranged with the Accounts Department before any new enrolments for siblings can proceed.
  • With the new enrolment, the parent will receive an upfront annual invoice that is expected to be paid in full before the commencement of the next academic year.


  • Parents/Guardians must inform the school in writing if there is a change in their relationship with each other since singing the Enrolment form (e.g. divorce or separation). Unless otherwise directed, the School Board will require that a new enrolment form be completed by the person who is to assume the obligation of paying future school fees. A change in the relationship between parents who have signed enrolment forms does not extinguish any debt for previous school fees prior to the school having received written notice of the changed circumstances.


  • The school requires six (6) week’s notice of the withdrawal of a student, before the start the School Term. The notice is required via the completion of a Termination Form and is to be submitted to the general office. In default of such notice, the school will charge a full term’s fee.


  • School fees will be charged and be payable during period of extended leave of students.


  • Refunds will only be provided in relation to excursion/incursion levy in the event that a withdrawal of a student occurs pursuant to these provisions, “Conditions of Entry” below and all School Policy.
  • Parents/Guardians and any other party liable for or paying school fees will not be entitled to any refund for any period the a student is enrolled, unless a Termination Form has been submitted within the required time frame, which is currently six (6) weeks notice prior to the commencement of a Term. Any termination of re-enrolment by the School due to default of the parents or student will not create an entitlement to any refund.
  • Any overpayment received by the College for any reason by a parent/guardian will be refunded to the person who made the payment


  • GST is not charged on School Fees. Other activities however, may attract GST. School fees and charges have been calculated on the basis that they are GST free. The school will only charge GST on services provided which are required by law to attract GST.


  • The School Payment Policy is to be read in conjunction with other School Policies, particularly the “Conditions of Entry”


Acceptance of the student for admission to, and continuing enrolment, in the College shall be;


1.1 Admission to the College as a student is conditional upon payment of such fees and charges as the College may determine, and at the sole discretion of the College.
1.2 A reference to “these conditions” in this document is a reference to the Conditions of Entry.


2.1 The Parents/Guardians agree that it is a condition of the student’s admission and continuing enrolment at the College that they shall ensure, and accept responsibility for, the student’s compliance with those rules which the College may establish from time to time for the good conduct of the College and its students.
2.2 The Parents/Guardians acknowledge and agree that the proper management and operation of the College may require the College to act from time to time in a manner deemed by the College to be appropriate and without consultation with the parents, particularly in circumstance where the College rules have been breached, if the student is considered, by the College in its sole discretion, to have engaged in conduct which in any way is not approved by the College
2.3 The College rules may be varied from time to time by the College and such variation shall continue to apply to the student and, as appropriate, to the parents.
2.4 The College has set Islamic Values – students will be taught and graded according to the Hanafi School of Thought.


3.1 The parents shall at all such times as the College may require, pay to the College such fees as the College may determined, and reimburse any expense(s) incurred by or on behalf of the student.
3.2 If fees and expenses are not paid in accordance with the College’s requirements, including any expenses incurred by or imposed on the student as a  result of any breach of the College rules or other misconduct by the student, the College may refuse to allow the student to attend, or may remove the student from the College.
3.3 The parents agree to pay all costs incurred by the College in recovering or attempting to recover unpaid fees including, but not limited to, legal costs and all collection related disbursements incurred by the College.
3.4 Any refund will only be given pursuant to the terms and conditions of the School Fees Payment Policy, Conditions of Entry Policy and general School policy.


Before removing the student for the College for any reason, the parents shall give the College written notice of no less than six (6) weeks prior to the day on which the student will last attend the College. If such notice is not given, the parents agree to pay the College all fees and expenses due and payable for the whole term during or at the end of which the student is removed. For clarity, should a student be removed during a school Term, and not in compliance with School Policy, then all school fees for that Term, and any following term for which six (6) weeks written notice has not been given by the Parents/Guardians for the removal of the student by the Parents/Guardians


If parents temporarily remove a student who has become ill, the notice provisions under clause 4 will not apply. Whether a place will be held open for a student removed due to temporary illness shall be at the sole discretion of the College and subject to such conditions as the College may determine


6.1 The parents acknowledge that attendance of the student at the College shall be at the sole discretion of the College irrespective of whether the parents of the students are in breach or compliance of any of these conditions or School Policy.
6.2 The parents agree that the proper and effective operation of the College requires the College to be able, in its sole discretion;
6.2.1 to terminate the right of the student to attend the College; and
6.2.2 to discipline or suspect the student.
6.3 If the student is suspended or expelled, the College shall retain or be entitled to receive the fees for the term in which the suspension or expulsion occurs and the parents shall forfeit all right to recovery of those fees. The parents acknowledge that such payment of fees will be a proper and genuine estimate of the loss and damage suffered by the College caused by such suspension or expulsion and that such payment shall properly be considered to be by way of payment of liquidated damages.
6.4 Where the student is suspended or expelled and the fees are unpaid at the date of suspension or expulsion, the parents agree that they shall be liable to immediate pay to the College all fees and expenses then outstanding in relation to the student up to and including fees payable to the end of the term in which such suspension or expulsion occurs.


The parents shall be responsible for all medical, hospital, dental and other expenses incurred by or on behalf of the student arising from or in connection with any injury or illness suffered by the student while attending the College or taking part in College activities or travelling to and therefrom, and the parents authorise the College to obtain such treatment for the student as the College in its sole discretion may determine.  The parents acknowledge that they are solely responsible for obtaining insurance sufficient to meet the cost arising out of such illness or injury.


The College shall not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage to the student’s personal belongings which shall be the sole responsibility of the student and the parents.


The parents agree that the College may permit or require the student to undertake such activities as the College may in its absolute discretion consider reasonable and appropriate and for the purpose of granting such permission or meeting such requirements appoints the College as their agent.


10.1 The College will use Business Notices from time to time, which may deal with the operations of the College, fee payments, financial and/or other matters which the College considers appropriate using means of transmission generally regarded as sound for business purposes as determined by the College, such as but not limited to post, email, short message service (sms) and other electronic transmission including but not limited to the College’s intranet.
10.2 The parents and the College agree that the College may in its sole discretion vary these conditions or any current Business Notice form time to time and notification of such variation shall be by issue of a Business Notice to parents which shall be binding on the parents and students in all respects.
10.3 Failure of a Parent/Guardian to read and/or receive a Business Notice will not render that Business Notice invalid, although the School must take reasonable steps to ensure Business Notices are received and/or available to Parent(s)/Guardian(s)


The parents agree and warrant that they enter into these terms of their own behalf and on behalf of the student and that they have the authority to do so.


12.1 The parents agree they shall be honest and accurate in all information they supply to the College, and shall not knowingly withheld any information which could reasonable be regarded as relevant.
12.2 The parents shall immediately notify the College of any change in the details of the student or the parents from any information previously supplied to the College (including change of address and other contact details) and of any change in family circumstance which will affect the student’s education, discipline or well-being whilst enrolled at the College, or applying to enrol, or which is otherwise relevant to the good conduct of the College,


13.1 Ilim College is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained within the Commonwealth Privacy Act. The Act applies to private sector organisations from 21 December 2001. A copy of the College’s Privacy Policy is available on request. Parents must be aware that information collected may need to be disclosed to outside organisations form time to time. Any objections to the following information, should be notified to the General Office immediately
13.2 The College collects personal information, including sensitive information about students, their parents and/or families before and during the course of a student’s enrolment at the College. The primary purpose of collecting this information is to enable the College to provide schooling for students. In addition, the College retains this information after the student has left the College for Alumni purposes and any other purpose required by Federal or State Law and Government policy.
13.3 Some of the information collected is to satisfy the College’s legal obligations, particularly to enable the College to discharge its duty of care.
13.4 Certain laws governing or relating to the operation of schools require that information be collected and stored. These include Public Health and Child Protection laws.
13.5 Health information about students is sensitive information within the terms of the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act. The College asks parents to provide medical reports about the student at the time of enrolment and requires annual updates from parents. This information is treated in confidence.
13.6 The College form time to time disclosed personal and sensitive information to others for administrative, educational and health purposes.
13.7 Personal information collected from students is regularly disclosed to their parents and guardians. On occasions, information such as academic and sporting achievements, student activities and other news is published in the College newsletters, external newspapers, magazines and web sites including the College’s website. This may also include visual images used for promotional purposes that may go beyond the College community.


14.1 The School reserves the right to pass on any current or new State or Federal Tax in relation to the goods and services it provides to students.
14.2 GST is not charged on School Fees. Other activities however, may attract GST. School fees and charges have been calculated on the basis that they are GST free. The school will only charge GST when required to be applied to a supply by Australian Law to attract GST.


15.1 The application or variation of capital letters to any word in this document will not change its meaning.
15.2 The use the singular or plural of student, students, parent, parents, guardian, guardians shall in no way lessen the schools rights and privileges or change School Policy.
15.3 “Parent” and “Parents” means and include the natural and/or adoptive parents of the student and/or the guardian or guardian of the student whether appointed guardians by order of any court or otherwise and, where relevant, includes a person or persons who have agreed to be responsible for payment of fees and sundry charges.
15.4 "College" means Ilim College and includes the Principal, the Board of the College and any employee of the College.