Special Needs Education

Special Needs Education

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Special Education covers the education of children with particular needs who exhibit special requirements in the areas of behavioral disorders and learning, physical, hearing or vision impairment.

The Special Education Department aims to provide students with learning difficulties an equal opportunity to learn and develop themselves. The students are provided with maximum assistance in areas of weaknesses to ensure that they achieve their best results. The school accepts and encourages individual differences and recognizes that each student is unique and should be valued.

Special Education Department provides programs and support through several methods. This may be through the regular classroom with support of modified curriculum, smaller class groups; allowing for more individual attention. Individual Education Plans; designed to make learning as easy, enjoyable and effective as possible.

We provide a challenging and comprehensive curriculum for all students and acknowledge the diverse range of skills, abilities, talent and learning styles of each individual student. In addition we are responsible for social, emotional and vocational development of these children, fostering skills that can have a life-long impact.