Dallas Learning Sanctuary

Dallas Learning Sanctuary

Dallas Learning Sanctuary

About Us

Ilim Learning Sanctuary-Dallas was founded in 2013 empowering individual children to achieve their full potential. The Centre provides an intimate setting where a strong reputation and rapport has been built with families of Islamic faith.

Our Values

Ilim Learning Sanctuary is an affiliation of Ilim College and shares common values and visions. The Centre prides itself on being able to provide quality of care for children moving through each educational milestone from early learning, to primary and followed by secondary schooling.

Our Philosophy

Ilim Learning Sanctuary-Dallas philosophy and teaching practices is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. This approach is a pedagogy that respects the child as an individual body, which can be expressive, make decisions, probe, problem-solve, reflect, ponder and be empowered to pave their own learning.

Our Program

At Ilim Learning Sanctuary we believe and respect that children learn best by play activities. Play is a time when children can make sense of their world. We explore teachings that cater for children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs, which respect individual differences and offers creative play experiences.

Experiences are developed through the child’s interests, family input, community influences and the curriculum. Educators facilitate the experiences and provide the necessary tools and materials to complete the task. The educator seeks to include a degree of complexity to the experience, to allow for higher order thinking.

Educators document the child’s interests, ideas, wonderings, and conversations and track the learning, which is occurring. They reflect on the learning that has occurred and facilitate new experiences. Educators document knowledge about the child developmental progress and share with families.

Our Learning Environment

At Ilim Learning Sanctuary the learning environment is seen as the third educator. Objects, tools and materials are displayed at the child’s height and catergorised for easier selection and aesthetics. The indoors environment allows for independent and autonomous experiences based on interests and strengths.

Art materials are selected to stimulate creativity and provide exposure to various forms of expression. Recycled and natural objects are used as learning tools and mediums to express themselves. Children will spend time outdoors in a natural setting allowing a connection and appreciation of the environment.

Children’s Routine

Routines such as meal times, resting and personal hygiene practices are used to enhance learning and reflect practices at home. Children will participate in organising the day and routines. Routines will also provide children with an acquired sense of independency and autonomy.

Available Places

Ilim Learning Sanctuary- Dallas provides care and education for 21 children per day, for children aged between 6 months and 5 years. We also offer government funded Kindergarten program delivered by a qualified Kindergarten Teacher.

Operating Hours

The Centre operating hours are:

  • Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6.00pm
  • During the Holy Month of Ramadan the centre will operate from 7.30am to 5.00pm.
  • Closed on all weekends, public holidays and Eid.
  • The centre acknowledges Islamic faith holidays.
  • Open 47 weeks per year – Closed only during the month of December / January for 5 weeks.

Fee Schedule

  • A fee of $50.00 per child will be charged upon enrolment
  • Long Day Care & Kindergarten $120.00 per child per day

Policy and Procedures

Our values and teachings prepare our children for the necessary skills required to make a smooth transition into school. Our parent school Ilim College offers leadership, experiences and resources enabling the centre to operate successfully. We take great pride in the success and operations of our centre by continually evaluating our policies, procedures and learning outcomes.

Parent Involvement

As each child’s earliest experiences occur in the home, parental interest and involvement in these experiences is significant to the child’s development. We value a co-operative effort by parents and educators to provide continuity of experiences from the home to the Centre. We also provide a nutritious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Our Educators

We understand that families entrust their precious children in our care and therefore we carefully select our educational team to support trust, respect and commitment to the success of our centre. We seek the expertise of an experienced director to lead our team of professional educators.

We seek the loyalty of educators to develop-

  • Children’s Interests
  • Children’s strengths
  • Further Developmental Needs
  • And valuable life skill

We ensure our children are educated, stimulated and challenged to learn. Above all, we ensure our children feel loved and secure within our intimate centre....