Guidelines & FAQ - Return to school

Guidelines & FAQ - Return to school

22 May 2020

Guidelines for Return to Face-to-Face Learning

Please click here to download and view the Ilim College guidelines for return to face-to-face learning.


Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Return to Campus Post Covid19

When and who will recommence school?

May 27, 2020: All teachers return for a curriculum day

May 28, 2020: Prep, Grade 1, Grade 2, Year 11, Year 12.

June 9, 2020: Grade 3 to Year 10

Note: Supervision for the vulnerable students and children of essential workers will continue between 28 May – 5 June for grade 3 to year 10 students.

What will the staggered pick-up and drop-off look like?

Only parents of grade prep and 1 are allowed to drop off their child/ren to the designated points at each campus, specified in the guidelines. Parents of students in grades 2 to year12 must stay in their vehicle during drop off and pick up. Parents who walk to school must not go beyond the parent car park or drop off/collection points specified. For a detailed information and plan for each campus, please refer to the table provided in the guidelines.

How will schools maintain cleaning and hygiene practices?

Schools will implement the following:

  • The college cleaning contractors are following protocols to thoroughly clean frequently used areas and touched surfaces using hospital grade disinfectant cleaners. Cleaning staff are placing emphasis on door handles, light switches, remote controllers, soap/paper towel dispensers, student desks, tables, chairs and bathroom fixtures.
  • Increased environmental cleaning throughout the day, including playground equipment
  • Additional personal hygiene reminder measures, including encouraging handwashing
  • Covering coughs and sneezes with one’s elbow or a tissue and placing used tissues straight into the bin
  • Avoiding touching one’s eyes, nose and mouth
  • Encouraging students not to share food or drink
  • No excursions, assemblies, camps or interschool activities will take place
  • Canteens will arrange pre-packaged takeaway meals; recess snacks will not be available from the canteen, so we encourage parents to pack a snack for their children

The Ilim College canteen continues to adhere to the strictest food hygiene preparation standard.

What procedures are in place if an Ilim student, family member or someone from our community contracts the virus?

In the event that a student, staff, family member or someone from our community contracts the virus, our College’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan will be enacted, and the School will follow the directives of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). This may involve a period of campus closure and a cleaning and sanitisation program, alongside the DHHS contact tracing processes.

Will student temperatures be taken on arrival to School?

The College will not conduct wide-scale temperature checking of students as there is limited evidence to demonstrate the value of such checks. We have multiple infrared non-contact thermometers available at each campus, which will be used throughout the day as required as part of our regular management of unwell students and staff.

Will classrooms look different?

While the Chief Health Officer has advised that students will not be required to maintain physical distancing at school, there will be a number of important changes to our school operations, consistent with health advice to all schools that is available on the Department’s website.

We understand that some families may feel anxious about this move back to classroom teaching and learning. We can assure you that this decision has been taken on the basis of the best health advice available to our state.

My Year 10 child does a Year 11 subject. Are they allowed to go to school?

Remote learning for Year 10 students who are taking any VCE subject will continue until 5 June 2020.

Will visitors be on site at Ilim College?

External visitors are not permitted to enter or visit the school unless in an emergency, or critical to the School’s operations. Parents/guardians are asked not to enter the grounds unless your child requires your urgent attention, which would be notified to you by the School.

My child has health complications. Should they attend school?

Students and staff in vulnerable categories, such as with compromised immune systems or other chronic medical conditions, should seek medical advice before returning to School.

What about siblings in different year levels?

Siblings who are not in the year levels returning to school on May 28 are expected to continue learning from home unless they are unable to be supervised or are the child of an essential worker.

I don’t feel comfortable sending my child to school. Can they continue to learn remotely?

All students in the year levels returning to on-site schooling are expected to attend school.

The College will not provide remote learning where parents elect to keep children at home, except where this is based on medical advice.

Where parents elect to keep children at home, they will need to complete an Extended Leave form in order to be marked as ‘approved absence’. Student learning activities will be provided upon request as per


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