Most frequently asked questions - COVID-19

Most frequently asked questions - COVID-19

10 April 2020

School reopening 

When are the pupil free days for Ilim College term 2?

Ilim College has two curriculum days planned for Tuesday the 14th of April and Wednesday the 15th of April. Students who come from families where both parents are essential workers will be able to return to school on Thursday the 16th of April. All other students will adhere to the remote learning guidelines.


Sending children to school 

Do I have to send my child to school?

Currently, we are only available to service the children who come from families where both parents are essential workers and both parents are unable to work from home.

If one parent is working from home, then the child does not qualify for the service.


List of Essential Workers:

  • Healthcare and social care
  • Public and civil service
  • Education services
  • Financial services
  • Transport & Communications services


If a parent or close family member is diagnosed with COVID-19, does the child need to stay home?

It is important that we continue to follow the directions of public health officials for self-isolation.

Parents who want more information should be encouraged to call the National Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 020 080, or visit the Australian Government Department of Health website via this link


Should parents enter schools when they drop off their child? Or should they stay at the gate?

We encourage parents not to go on the school grounds. However, we understand this may vary due to a child's age and needs.


Contacting the school 

If you need to get in contact, please phone or email your child’s campus. The Secondary College’s have provided teacher emails in their guidelines.

Dallas Primary Campus – Email:  Phone: 9302 3770

Dallas Secondary Girls – Email: Phone: 9302 3771

Kiewa Campus – Email:  Phone: 9302 1150

Glenroy Campus – Email:  Phone: 9359 9660

Please do not come into the front office or classrooms.


Student learning 

What is being done to support students to learn from home?

We are providing support to ensure your child’s continuity of learning from home is not sacrificed ensuring, modified remote learning for our primary, secondary and VCE students continue to meet their needs

(Please refer to your child’s remote learning from home guidelines for more information).


What ICT support is there for students learning from home?

Parents and students can contact via email ( the IT Support team for any issues and queries in relation to assisting them with online learning. (Secondary students should use their Ilim email accounts).


Affected school services

Will additional services in schools continue?

We have limited the amount of external and internal additional services that operate within the school. We have suspended the canteen service, tutoring services and bus service.

Will my child’s speech pathology sessions/counselling sessions continue?

Please refer to your child’s remote learning from home guidelines for this information.


Children and students with disability

Is it safe for my child who has a disability to be at school?

Yes. It is safe for children who have a disability to be at school. Coronavirus does not appear to be spread easily amongst children. Because of this, the risk of a child transmitting the disease in a school is much lower than other diseases such as influenza.

Schools are following standard precautions for hygiene and infection control. This includes regular hand washing and cleaning of high frequency classroom touch points. For example:

  • cleaning of door handles and lift buttons
  • wiping down of common areas such as meeting room tables, administration areas (reception desks), tables in libraries. 

Your child should stay home if they are unwell or have flu-like symptoms.

If a child or student must self-isolate for a long time, their school or preschool must provide a program for continued education from home. 

My child is currently receiving funded support at school. Will they still receive this even when they are learning from home?

If a child is learning from home, the school will use staff who are currently employed to help deliver your child’s learning program. For each child and family, they will help to develop:

  • teachers will check in daily with students for their wellbeing and learning.
  • access to online content if possible. 


Health and hygiene practices in schools

What health and hygiene practices do schools have?

Cleaning services have been increased at all our schools.  There is now an extra cleaning shift each day. This is on top of the regular cleaning schedule. It includes more regular and thorough: 

  • cleaning of door handles and lift buttons
  • wiping down of common areas. For example, meeting room tables, administration areas (reception desks), tables in libraries.
  • Disinfecting the school.

Resources are being given to teachers so they can talk to their students about COVID-19 and explain good hygiene practices. This includes reminding students to:

  • wash their hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, with soap and water before and after eating and after going to the toilet
  • cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when they cough or sneeze 
  • avoid touching their faces
  • limit physical contact when greeting people
  • limit physical contact in the playground.

The College has an existing infection control procedure that they will apply as needed.


Social distancing

How are schools doing social distancing?

Where possible, schools should use the social distancing practices recommended by the federal government. See the Social Distancing Guidance Information Sheet (PDF 144KB).

This includes:

  • using phone or other technology for parent teacher meetings
  • holding staff meetings in large rooms or via technology such as Zoom.
  • staggering recess and lunch breaks
  • asking parents not to come onto the school site where possible but thinking about the age and needs of each child.


Health and safety of staff

What measures are being taken to ensure the health and safety of school staff?

Our staff have displayed professionalism and flexibility during such unprecedented times, and we are focussed on ensuring the health and safety of our workforce. In addition to increased cleaning at all schools, we are providing all schools with extra hygiene products.

We are also looking at flexible arrangements on a case by case basis for staff whose health or personal circumstances prevent them from working at a school, such as caring for a vulnerable family member.



Will NAPLAN go ahead this year?

Education Ministers have decided that NAPLAN will be cancelled for 2020. This will allow school leaders, teachers and support staff to focus on the well-being of students and prepare for the continuity of education, including remote learning options.



What will happen with this year’s VCE?

Please be informed that VCE timelines are changed with the announcement from the Victorian Premier, Mr Daniel Andrews. Year 12 Exams will be postponed to December and GAT will move from June to October-November.

Students will have more time to prepare for the VCE exams. Our teachers will do everything in their capacity to support our students during the exam preparation period.

Students will be required to come to school for their SACs. They will continue to communicate with their teachers via Edmodo. They will also watch Edrolo video tutorials and are required to do the chapter tests as part of their homework and ongoing formative assessments.


Parents and Carers

What can parents and carers do to help?

Parents and carers can help by:

  • making sure your school has the correct contact details for your family
  • making sure you’ve installed your school’s communication apps on your device
  • encouraging your child to practice good hygiene
  • keeping your child home if they are unwell.

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