Ilim College provides a modern learning environment supported by a range of technologies designed to scale and meet all faculty and student needs. Our hardware and services platform are modern and secure with a best in class hybrid of local and cloud infrastructure to facilitate the best experience possible for our community.

Our extensive wireless coverage supported with a fibre backbone to the Internet delivers a consistent and reliable connection to learning resources.


At the core of an Ilim College education is the expectation that our students will be well prepared for their next phase of life — whether that be further education, careers path or entrepreneurship — the foundation of which is the ability to be a lifelong learner as a Muslim.

Among the challenges of successful teaching is the requirement that we show our students how to embrace new ideas and new methods.  The use of 1:1 digital technology in classroom instruction is one way to help prepare our students for learning in an unpredictable future.

At Ilim College students have access to iPads in the classroom as well as computer workstations to further enhance their learning and design and build projects. Our secondary campuses have implemented an iPad programme for students to use as a learning tool and serve as a textbook replacement.

An important reason to utilize digital devices in daily instruction is to help our students to see both the advantages and the limitations of a digitally-connected world.  The world of the Internet gives students volumes of information at their fingertips, not all of which are valuable or even useful .  Classroom lessons and instruction can help students to make sense of that information, to sort fact from fiction, and to determine why some information has value and meaning whereas other information is simply noise.  

Our students need to learn how to create and maintain an appropriate digital identity and communicate successfully in the digital world.  Quality classroom instruction can aid that mission.

Goals of Ilim College 1:1 adoption:

  • Enhance already successful student learning.
  • Provide advanced digital learning and teaching tools to teachers and their students.
  • Enable our students to evaluate and understand the value of information and ideas in the digital world.
  • Guide students toward successful and responsible communication in a world that now includes digital communication.